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Gain experience by tackling real world projects and share this page with someone who is building! "What you do WELL is what you will be hired FOR."
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Code for Social Good

Volunteer your time as a developer with mission-driven organizations.
Low Stake: Learn about projects that organizations are building
High Stake: Add a project to your portfolio


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Donate Code

For developers AND designers to share volunteer hours with cause-based initiatives.
Low Stake: Learn more about the projects these initiatives are building.
High Stake: Add projects to your portfolio


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Tech for Campaigns

Political campaigns need innovative experts too!
Low Stake: Go through an interview process
High Stake: Gain developer or marketing experience for your resume

Projects at Techforcampaigns.org 

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Solve developer challenges in your spare time.
Low Stake: Fill in gaps of your knowledge
High Stake: Add a complete project to your portfolio


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Tester Work

Tech companies and startups release apps that need testing. You can join their network to test apps.
Low Stake: Test apps and give feedback
High Stake: Understand what is being built, add QA work to your resume and design better products


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We Build Black

Volunteer your time to work with seed stage startups
Low Stake: Get some interview practice
High Stake: Work on a live project and add to your portfolio


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Intern Hacks

Find 6 week projects and other networking opportunties at the intern level (good for non-traditional folks too)
Low Stake: Network and have a conversation with someone new
High Stake: Add a project to your portfolio


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Code Walker Apprentice Program

Code Walker helps jumpstart company software engineering intern programs. They select interns to feel these slots.
Low Stake: Opportunity to learn about intern process
High Stake: A full time internship


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Get matched with Startups for internships.
Low Stake: You will get more experience interviewing
High Stake: You will find full time employment with a startup


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