Formal Bio

Camille Eddy is a Data Engineer and International Public Speaker. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho. Camille has given talks across the world, including Boise, San Francisco, Washington DC and Budapest; Helping Technical and Non-Technical Project Managers, Founders and Engineering Leads build better products. Finally, she coaches women building online platforms, helping them make a profitable business working on their passion.

Engineer. Researcher. Speaker.

My work allows me to create depth and meaning to the design and engineering journey.

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  • Education

    Awarded a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Idaho, a Stanford University Innovation Scholar, National Academy of Engineers Grand Challenge Scholar and Forbes Under 30 scholar 

  • Product Engineer

    Currently a Product Engineer and startup consultant she has worked on SaaS platforms and robotics. Employers call me when they want to use data to enhance their product!

  • Speaker Abstract

    Truthful Conversations about the Future of Technology. We can promote a culturally informed technologist community that understands the evolution of tech is deeply intertwined with creativity and unconscious bias. Since last year we have learned even more of unwanted "bias blind spots" in the tech industry. We can attempt to understand the unfolding story by examining where unwanted bias has filtered through consumer products and where it has impacted our pandemic recovery for months and years to come. Our community's active work in crafting a world with equitable technology is what this talk will highlight. And it will also center the voices of women and women of color, whose technical expertise will take us to new ground with the conversation on bias in technology. 

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