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How Camille Eddy is Defying Expectations

"Camille Eddy is, as she describes it, forcing people to confront the fears ingrained in our culture, encouraging us to be better people, and creating a more equitable world. A big ask for someone also working on their undergraduate degree at the University of Idaho, mentoring other engineering students, and serving as a keynote speaker around the world. But Eddy is no stranger to multitasking--while at Boise State University, she started a student club called Space Broncos that made VR simulations of space, has interned at places like HP, NVIDIA and Google X, and is working to advocate for women in STEM fields. "

Heather Hamilton
Camille Camille

Women in Tech: Camille Eddy

"Growing up, Camille Eddy wanted to be an astronaut. She went to space camp, loved Star Trek, and was even mentored by former NASA mission specialist Barbara Morgan. Part of being an astronaut, Eddy discovered, involved developing STEM skills. So she began programming at age 12, started her own web design business at age 17, and went to Boise State University in Idaho to major in mechanical engineering. While most college students rely on loans or parental support to pay for their university housing, Eddy used the profits from her web design business. "

Tom McCauley
S7e8 camille eddy S7e8 camille eddy

Building a Robotics Career and the Impact of Mentorship with Camille Eddy (S7E8)

"She’s a first-generation STEM student, and through the connections she made in college, Camille was hired for an internship at HP. That exposure helped her cultivate a personal brand on top of her academic life, and through the support of key mentors, her career has continued to grow. "

Laurence Bradford

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